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Height: 5"4'   |   Eye Color: Green  

Greta Rosenstock, currently living in St. Louis, MO, is a performer, educator, and ritual leader. She serves multiple communities including Rockwood Valley Middle School as the Choral Director, United Hebrew Congregation as songleader and educator, and more. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Kentucky and is certified to teach music to grades K-12. 



  Jerry's Girls  |  Principal   |  New Jewish Theatre  |  Ellen Isom

So-Called President  |  Principal​ |  Emerging Artists Theater Co.  | Anthony Robustelli

Immigrant Son  |  Margaret  |  Hudson Guild Theatre  |  Paul Pillitteri 

Ragtime  |  Emma Goldman  |  University of Kentucky Opera Theatre  | Lyndy Franklin Smith

Choral Singing

Coro Vis Vocis.  |  Alto  |  Adrián Bueno  |  Madrid, Spain

Marquee Five  |   Alto Cover​   |  Adam West Hemming  |  New York, NY

Manhattan Holiday Carolers  |   Alto & Soprano  |  Adam West Hemming  |   New York, NY

National Chorale   |   Alto  |  Dr. Everett McCorvey  |  New York, NY


Rockwood Valley Middle School  |  Choral Director  |  Wildwood, MO

Real Colegio Escuelas Pías de San Fernando  |  Language Assistant  |  Madrid, Spain

Abraham Joshua Heschel School  |   Extra-Curricular Music Director​   |  New York, NY​


United Hebrew Congregation  |  Songleader & Music Specialist  |  Chesterfield, MO

Camp Havaya  |  Head Songleader  |  South Sterling, PA

Lab/Shul   |  Ritual Team Apprentice  |  New York, NY   

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